In 2013 the founding members of Falcon Watch found themselves in need of a way to monitor their elderly parents.  Several monitoring solutions were explored and most had a low cost entry price.  What quickly became apparent is that monthly subscription costs would be an on-going expense.  This seemed unfair to our founders and so they decided to start a company that would provide high quality security and monitoring products without requiring monthly subscription fees.

FalconWatch is dedicated to providing the highest quality security and monitoring devices at the lowest prices.  We do not believe in buying low cost security and monitoring products only to be hit with recurring monthly subscription fees.  This is why when you buy from FalconWatch you get the highest quality security and monitoring devices with the lowest cost of ownership possible.

At FalconWatch we strive to leverage the technologies that most people already have in their homes.  Technologies such as phone, Internet, Wi-Fi network, etc.  We then strive to provide the best security and monitoring solutions at the lowest cost and without charging monthly subscription fees.

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