Protect Your Home With Wireless Home Security Cameras

Protect Your Home with Wireless Home Security

Home security has evolved to more than deadbolts and peep holes in doors. Wireless home security offers an affordable and effective means of protecting home and hearth. Wireless systems can easily be configured to meet the current needs, don’t have to cost a fortune and can usually be installed by the homeowner. There’s no professional installation fee. The only installation cost is the time it takes to complete the install.

Wireless Home Security Use

Who can benefit from wireless home security? Anyone and everyone. Wireless cameras allow surveillance and monitoring of any area of the home, indoors or out. Homeowners who need to keep an eye on the garage, or the nursery, or elder parent, or any other part of the house can do so with a wireless home security camera. Systems can be visible and serve as an added deterrent or they can be hidden, allowing covert surveillance. Both types of camera can be included in a single system.

Hidden Wireless Home Security Camera or Not Hidden?

Many home owners ask if they should hide their security cameras or leave them exposed?  The difference is that exposed cameras are used more for preventitive applications and hidden cameras are for remedial applications.  Take for instance the nanny watching a baby or in home care worker helping an aging parent.  For these applications you may opt for a NON-HIDDEN camera so that the care provider knows that you could be looking in on them at any time.  A hidden camera in these instances will not prevent a baby from being shaken or an aging parent from abuse.  The hidden camera would only be able to tell you how the damage to the person was done.  Some states may not allow such evidence in prosecuting the care worker if proper signage is not used on the property as well.

For property security, hidden or non-hidden cameras would work.  A Non-hidden spy camera may deter the would be burglar but either one would be able to identify the burglar if they were successful in robbing your home.

Wireless Home Security Cost

Wireless home security cost depends on the area to be secured. Small areas such as a home office, the nursery, or a child’s room, can often be covered with a simple webcam. Webcams can range from $35 to $200 depending on the brand, quality of the video and features offered on the camera.
Complete home security systems can be found for less than $1000 dollars. Many home cameras such as the HawkCam, can be added to larger systems, too.  Choose the system that best fits the need and is expandable to grow as your needs grow later. Some systems come with many cameras. They work well for large homes or multiple surveillance places. Other systems come with
just one or two cameras.  Some cameras come with storage capability built in and others, such as the Nest and Fropcam, have mandatory annual subscription fees for recording

Wireless Home Security Options

One of the biggest complaints about wireless home security is the cost of monthly fees. Subscribing to a monitoring service is optional. Fees have come down considerably from initial costs back when wired was the only option available. Other optional add-ons include light sensors, temperature detectors, leak detectors, smoke detectors, and various sirens.

Wireless Home Security Shopping

Before shopping, know where the camera(s) will be used and how many are needed. If purchasing hidden cameras, consider the area they’ll be hidden in. While hidden cameras are available in fake plants, clocks and other objects, these cameras usually do not result in top quality images and can be spotted if they require an electrical connection.  Battery powered spy cams are an option but must be charged on a regular basis to be effective.

Know how images will be viewed. Will they need to be transmitted to a cell phone or computer or will an NVR (Network Video Recorder) be used?

Determine lighting needs. Will a night vision camera be required? Night vision cameras are great for low-light areas as well as night time. Infrared is required for clear images in low or no light settings.

There are many online stores selling wireless home security systems and products. Shopping with a reputable dealer who provides a lifetime warranty and technical support is wise. Specials on wireless home security products can result in big savings when it comes time to pay but be careful as quality systems rarely go on sale.

Using wireless home security products gives homeowners time to think about other, more important things. Things like vacations and golf or time with family and friends. Setting up a wireless home security system doesn’t have to be hard and often takes less than 30 minutes.


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