Henry B on January 15, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT PRODUCT!
Verified Purchase

Johnny M on January 14, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars Girl friend loves it
Verified Purchase
was a christmas gift so she could watch her baby pigs when she is at my house. She absolutely loves it. She had it running in no time and the picture is great. she also loves that she can talk to them and see there reaction.

Del on January 6, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars Good camera system
Verified Purchase
We had a hard time setting it was up, but, when I tried to return it they asked me to call customer service. It was set up in a jiffy. So just call customer service if you have any problems because they are great.

Lindamae on December 28, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars Great customer service
The camera is used to check my dwelling when I leave for vacations and to communicate visually with people who take care of my plants and mail, etc. so easy to use and more importantly the customer service is superb. Ray will walk you through any problem that may arise smooth and confidently. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering a webcam.

tim b on November 3, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars Overall works great use all the time
Verified Purchase
Picture not the best quality and night vision goes in and out ….easy to set up and was working in minutes

Lorna D. on October 15, 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend
Verified Purchase
I use this camera to keep an eye on my dad who has the beginning of dementia and lives with me.
It has given me the freedom and confidence to leave him home alone and keep an eye on him from wherever I am.
We replaced our modem recently and customer service walked me through reconnecting. They answered the phone promptly and were easy to work with. Love this camera and am purchasing 2 more for other areas in the house. They are so easy to set up, even I can do it by myself. I highly recommend.

Multi-tasker Mom on September 17, 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars  Unknown, haven’t been able to set it up yet
Verified Purchase
I’ll change this once I have time to review. Tried using it in a skilled nursing facility my mom was in but the box came w/o instructions, had to google them. Once I got that, the nursing facility WIFI wouldn’t cooperate.

Rowell “Duck” on July 13, 2015
The cameras themselves are very good. You get a clear wide picture day and night. Have not used all the functions yet but will work on them soon. I had a problem downloading the program to view the cameras on my PC but finally solved the program.

Ernie Yick on July 9, 2015

Great service will buy another camera, good little security camera

JPD on July 6, 2015

Camera was better than expected; super sharp picture and more configuration features than expected. I needed help configuring to view remotely from my place of employment, so I called the phone number provided in the packaging. (A phone number !! how great is that !!!) Ray answered on the first ring and spent 10 minutes with me on Friday. I had a few more questions and he spent another 10 minutes working through my issues on Monday. Everything works great. Ray has opened the door of information that allows me to purchase more cameras with the confidence that I can actually make them work. I read one review on here that was not great, however it was obvious the person was just confused by the install. While the install is relatively easy, if he had just called Ray, he would LOVE this camera. I hope to buy several more, and several friends who have seen the feed are headed that way also. Last but not least, the interface (software) to manage the camera is so full featured, I do not even plan to use it with my Synology Surveillance Station. Why purchase the extra licenses when this interface does it all ….. Thanks Ray and Thanks HawkCam./ FalconWatch.

Kiwi on June 25, 2015

I love this camera. I have ordered three (other brands) previously and returned all. The Hawk is easy to set up; the feed from the Hawk is amazing and I’m keeping it forever. The ability to review feed at any time on my phone or IPad is so helpful. I also like the fact no subscription service required and the best part is the quality of the picture. The only con for me is I need a weatherproof way to install outdoors, then I can order more cameras.

Mike on June 18, 2015

A great product with GREAT customer support. I had a few questions setting up the camera and Ray walked me through all the features. I am very pleased with all the settings & capabilities this camera holds. I would highly recommend these cameras to family & friends!

Drin on June 12, 2015

My sister bought a Hawk Cam for my grandma’s house. We want to be able to keep an eye on grandma and make sure she is ok, as well as being able to see if she is awake before calling her on Skype. Grandma lives in Romania and my siblings and I are living abroad.

It was my task to install the camera and I was hoping to be an easy task but it wasn’t so in my case. The camera worked on its own wifi network and I was able to see the image on my android phone when the phone was also connected to the cam network. When I accessed the wifi setup on my phone, selected the local wifi network and typed the password, I got the message “Wifi setup successful”. The cam appeared online for a few moments, then it restarted and the cam went offline. At that point the blue light was blinking steadily. I restarted the process several times, boot the camera to factory settings, made sure the IP type is dynamic, check password and SSID, but the cam would not connect to the wifi.

I e-mailed Falcon Watch and asked for help while letting them know that I only had two days left in Romania to finish the setup. I got a prompt reply from Ray (Falcon Watch) who gave me his phone number and he encouraged me to call him for assistance even though it was a Saturday. I called him and we spent one hour, going through different camera settings and the router settings (zyxel p-870hw-51a v2 is the modem/router provided by Telekom Romania, the Romanian version of T-Mobile). In the end the problem was the WEP security setting for the router. We change it to WPA and everything worked. Zyxel is an old router and it has its quirks. I appreciate the prompt support provided by Ray and his willingness to work with me and help me solve the problems with my router. I expected him to tell me to contact the internet provider for troubleshooting the modem but it wasn’t the case. He stayed with me until the camera worked.

The camera works great. Whether there is light in the room or the light is off (night vision) the picture looks great even though I chose the “low” setting for video. It has a wide angle and I can see the entire room in great detail. The camera uses low bandwidth so we can use the camera, Skype and other devices at the same time without clogging up the wifi network. From time to time I use the two way audio as well but for longer conversations I use Skype.

This is a wonderful camera and I strongly recommend it.

Son on June 7, 2015

Works great. I cannot disable the nightvision tho, but it is still better than my foscam. The picture is better although you cannot tilt/pan. The foscam tilt/pan is erratic and never returns back to the preset direction. Just point it in the direction you want and it will work.
Get this if you have an iphone and the app will connect you to your hawkcam with no problems. You do not have to manually open up ports on your router or anything. So all you non IT people that quickly give up, will not have to worry & can check in this camera when you are away from your home /network.

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